Karla Koorliny

Karla koorliny.

After one & a half months of being totally disconnected from the world, living on road in the far north of Australia in Cape York, the time has come to start sharing some of the remarkable experiences of this time on country. In a way, to karla koorliny.

I’m sharing this from Noongar country – the land from where the term, karla koorliny, comes from. Meaning ‘return to camp’, I use it in this context of coming back to this, & other platforms, because of how my good friend Dig spoke to me about it.

Dig says all things in creation have dreaming, even cell phones, & what they can do. Social media, vlogs, podcasts, in a way it is all a kind of digital campfire space, another place to share the yarns, the knowledge, & the stories that I’ve experienced, & that people have shared with me, on a larger scale.

In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of social media, but, I am the first to admit its value, to recognize the vast potential for social impact & the good it can do on such a huge scale.
With what is coming next, what we are working on & the things we have been developing, it is going to do a lot of good for a lot people, young & old, here is Aus & countries across the globe. Big things, massive vision, & all takin shape. This is just one aspect of it.
It is beyond exciting, & I cannot wait to share it all.

So join me, return to camp, Karla koorliny, take a seat around this campfire for a couple of tales…