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Napagi Napagi

Napagi Napagi Give Give

Beneath the expansive skies and sun-soaked sands of the central desert languages of Australia, a profound principle emerges—Napagi Napagi, a melody that translates to "Give Give." This symphony isn't a mere exchange; it's a harmony that resonates across cultures and generations, a philosophy that has become the essence of my journey.

In a world often confined by the give-and-take paradigm, Napagi Napagi flourishes, an idea transcending the realm of mere reciprocity. It's the understanding that when we commit to giving, an intricate dance begins. It's not a solitary transaction but a thread woven into the fabric of existence—a sweetgrass braid of connection and relationality.

I acknowledge that this belief often finds its foothold in the heart of indigenous cultures, painting a different portrait from the transactional landscape of the West. In this realm, humanity's instinct to give, to share, is far from a novelty—it's the core of community. The vision extends beyond self-interest, embracing the prosperity of the whole ecosystem.

This philosophy ripples through the essence of my work, shaping how I engage with the world. It's the compass that guides my endeavors, where giving isn't a one-sided action but a collaborative force that enriches lives and nurtures connection.

Every venture I embark upon, every project I champion, is anchored in the spirit of Napagi Napagi. A portion of profits circle back to local communities, where my journey intersects with yours. A slice supports local and national projects, amplifying our collective impact through collaboration. And a thread feeds into the NGARRA Foundation, an embodiment of empowerment in the most remote corners of our planet.

The symphony of giving continues, weaving a tale that celebrates cultures, nurtures communities, and invites prosperity for all. Together, let's breathe life into this ancient principle, embracing the gift of giving in a world that thrives when we all contribute to the melody.

Why for social good?

In the heart of every endeavor lies a reason, a melody that drives the rhythm of our actions. For me, the symphony is a commitment to crafting more than just visual stories—it's about nurturing a world woven with purpose and positivity. This is why I walk the path of a social good studio, and this is why the echoes of the 333 model resonate through my work.

The 333 model, the III's that guide my actions, is a reflection of a wisdom that transcends time. Creation Time, Ancestor Time, Contemporary Time—the essence of this triad is a constant circle, echoing within both the microcosms and macrocosms of our existence. This sacred rhythm shapes not just my initiatives but our collective journey, uniting cultures, generations, and stories.

However, the seed of this philosophy finds its roots in a tale older than time—the story of the Serpent. A spirit of creation, the Serpent embarked on a journey that mirrored the rhythms of the III's. Along its path, treasures were gathered, and yet, greed darkened its brilliance, leading to unintended chaos. The lesson is profound—imbalance, disharmony, and conflict can arise when the pursuit of profit overshadows the heart of giving.

This ancient narrative guides my choice to focus on social good, not wealth. Just as the Serpent's journey was marred by the pursuit of treasures, so can a sole focus on profits fragment communities and ecosystems. My vision is to harness the power of photography, film, and storytelling as tools of unity, empathy, and positive change. The profits aren't goals in themselves; they're catalysts of impact, channeling support to communities, projects, and initiatives that breathe life into our shared world.

The story of the Serpent etches a profound message—when we prioritize social good, we transcend the limitations of transactional pursuits. Every project becomes a harmonious part of the global narrative, an instrument that echoes the symphony of connection, contribution, and reciprocity. It's not about accumulating; it's about giving, transforming, and cherishing the abundance that flourishes when we align our actions with the pulse of the land and the heartbeat of humanity.

A new landscape, only some 12,000 years old, a volcanic cataclysm made way for a lush rainforest, & big story. The story of the first currency.

It is in this place that a rare striped shell was discovered, a shell that is only found on this small stretch of coastline. Because of the rarity the local custodians experimented with making these shells have value, giving them a form of monetary value, & trading them across the country.

The first currency.

The result was that the people started to collect the shells, hold them & hoard them. All of a sudden things weren’t moving, there was no velocity in the community, people gathering shells in piles & keeping them. Things slowed down, community & familial relationships were going wrong, people started getting sick, fights were breaking out.

Elders seeing this knew it was not the way to live, & warned people, but they didn’t listen.

As part of the dreaming in this part of Queensland at the base of the reef, a form of rainbow serpant was known to come from the sea to the tableland along the waterway.

When serpant came from the sea, the people saw thousands of the shells stuck in its scales, the blackbird people, driven by their greed, dropped a log on him, murdered him, & stole the shells.

When they saw what the shells had done, driven them to do, what this monetary system had done to the community, the experiment was abandoned, & learned from, never to be repeated.

Lessons in greed, in sharing freely, in familial currency & equity, value in trade, & so many other aspects are embedded within this lore. 

The most being that this is not the way people are supposed to live.

The rainbow serpent is the spirit of creation. If you live in this way, you will in effect, kill all of creation. 

Isn’t that what we have done? Let’s look at our modern world, & the shells we are all fighting to collect made of paper, or 0’s & 1’s.

Such is the problem with the world. Inequality is systemic.

It’s not coming from peoples hearts, we are not the problem. 

The problem comes from forcing the unnatural situation of having to survive in an economic system that need to exclude groups of people for anything to be priced. All inequality, prejudice, everything is a symptom of a pathological economic system, a system of a growth based economic system. & people are sick of it.

We are going back, all comes back to land, all comes back to place,

These are things we already know, but are relearning. 

It’s been said indigenous knowledge systems, from all over the world, that will provide the path forward in fixing the broken systems that are in place across the globe, & we must all start to seek out, be a part of that conversation, ask the questions, & hear their answers. 

In all of our approach, 

We do not have shareholders or owners who receive profits. All profits made are directed towards achieving our purpose, for we all hvae a responsibility to share, engage, learn, interpret, and protect the stories of all cultures.

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