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Napagi Napagi

Napagi Napagi Give Give

We are the ancestors of the future.
We are at a point where it is our moral imperative, our obligation, to reimagine our place in the circle of life. Not at the centre but as a part of the whole.
Living under the Law of the Land.
Living in the pattern of creation.

Every life is affected by the actions of every other life in this world. Every life tied to the health of the planet.
The future survival, not just of us but of all life will be dependent on humans being able to once again perceive & be custodians of the patterns of creation, returning to a way of living in relation to the land, coming back to that way of being, & transition our living systems into something that is sustainable in the true sense of the word.

That is where the idea of Napagi Napagi comes in.

Beneath the expansive skies and sun-soaked sands of the central desert languages of Australia, there is an idea, of Napagi napagi. It’s a reciprocity, but not of a give take, but of a give give.
It is beyond exchange; it's a harmony that resonates across cultures and generations, a philosophy that has become the essence of my work, and everything I do.
In a world that operates in a give-and-take paradigm, and more often than not, a take take paradigm if we are being honest, Napagi Napagi is the other way, an idea transcending the realm of mere reciprocity. It's the understanding that when we commit to giving, a kind of dance begins. For it’s never one way. It depends on our relations. In one relationship, I may give, and they take. I may take, whilst another gives. But the modus operandus, if you will, is to give give.
This belief, and version of it, you can find in the heart of indigenous cultures around the world, which is such a different portrait from the transactional landscape we think of in the ‘West’. In our true way, humanity's instinct to give, to share, and is far from a novelty—it's the core of community. You see someone who needs, it’s given. Its not a question, or a thought, its not something to put on tiktok or demonstrate, because its a way of being. It extends beyond self-interest, embracing the prosperity of the whole ecosystem. So that being said, and trying to not contradict myself within the same part of this yarn, this page is about the ideas, I will share some of the work I do, how I give back, as an inspiration and guide to how you too can help, how you can supports local and national projects, amplifying our collective impact through collaboration.
Take a moment as we sit here together to contemplate this idea.
We are the ancestors of the future.
What we do today is writing the story we will be remembered by -
How does that change your actions? How does that change the what we expect of others?
How does that change what we accept of companies, of governments, of ourselves?
Because the next generation is looking up at us, & it's time we take action.
& to go forward we must look back.


Why for social good?

In the heart of every choice lies a reason, a melody that drives the rhythm of our actions. I was told to always stand up for what you believe in, & be a voice for what is important to you, and always do what your elders ask of you. So here I am.
Stories should never be stuck behind a paywall. Stories should never be restricted, or not shared because of financing. The art industry, key word there being industry, means it has to engage in a marketplace. Wrong as that is, it is the way it is. So how do we operate within this system, whilst still being able to eat?
For me, there is more than visual stories to be told—it's about nurturing a world woven with purpose and positivity, with right story. It wasn't always this way. But after a few a experiences, there was no other way I could be. But I knew I needed to share story on scale, so how do i do that. Then i was shown this sandtalk, and from it came this:
The 333 model. Its the III's that guide my actions, choices, collaborations and how a project is undertaken. It is reflected in the logo I use, a constant subconscious indicator of the work, and of a wisdom that transcends time. Look up in the left hand corner of this site, see the 3 concentric rings, made from dots. Each dot represents, as does each line. The lines: Creation Time, Ancestor Time, Contemporary Time. The essence of this triad is a constant circle, spinning and cycling within both the micro and macro of our existence. This sacred rhythm shapes not just my initiatives but our collective journey, uniting cultures, generations, and stories, a visual representation of time that breathes, the centre moving to the middle, to the edge, and then back to the centre. This is reflected through many aspects of life. Each dot, a meaning, a lesson, a story that was the reformation under the guidance of my mentor. Some of these I will share, some, I am to keep secret, that’s not for you in this place, at the time.
A story I will share is one that everyone who works in this marketplace needs to know.
A philosophy with money that finds its roots in a tale older than time, and the great serpent, the spirit of creation...

A new landscape, only some 12,000 years old, a volcanic cataclysm made way for a lush rainforest, & big story. The story of the first currency.
It is in this place that a rare striped shell was discovered, a shell that is only found on this small stretch of coastline. Because of the rarity of this shell, the local custodians experimented with making these shells have value, giving them a form of monetary value, & trading them across the country. The first currency.
It started fine. But quickly shifted. People began to change. People started to collect the shells, hold them & hoard them. All of a sudden things weren’t moving, sharing all but left the community, people gathering shells in piles & keeping them. Things slowed down, community & familial relationships were breaking, going wrong, mistrust grew, suspicions and paranoia was like a sickness. Elders seeing this knew it was not the way to live, & warned the people, but they didn’t listen.
As part of the dreaming in this part of Queensland at the base of the reef, a form of rainbow serpant was known to come from the sea to the tableland along the waterway. When serpant came from the sea, the people saw thousands of the shells stuck in its scales, the blackbird people, driven by their greed, dropped a log on him, murdered him, & stole the shells. When they saw what the shells had done, driven them to do, what this monetary system had done to the community, the experiment was abandoned, & learned from, never to be repeated.

Lessons in greed, in sharing freely, in familial currency & equity, value in trade, & so many other aspects are embedded within this lore. The most being that this is not the way people are supposed to live. The rainbow serpent is the spirit of creation. If you live in this way, you will in effect, kill all of creation. Isn’t that what we have done? Let’s look at our modern world, & the shells we are all fighting to collect made of paper, or 0’s & 1’s.
Such is the problem with the world. Inequality is systemic. It’s not coming from peoples hearts, we are not the problem. The problem comes from forcing the unnatural situation of having to survive in an economic system that need to exclude groups of people for anything to be priced. All inequality, prejudice, everything is a symptom of a pathological economic system, a system of a growth based economic system. & people are sick of it.

These are things we already know, but are relearning. It’s been said indigenous knowledge systems, from all over the world, that will provide the path forward in fixing the broken systems that are in place across the globe, & we must all start to seek out, be a part of that conversation, ask the questions, & hear their answers. In all of our approach,

We do not have shareholders or owners who receive profits. All profits made are directed towards achieving our purpose, for we all hvae a responsibility to share, engage, learn, interpret, and protect the stories of all cultures.

It is stories like this, ancient narratives that guide my choice to focus on social good, not wealth. Just as the Serpent's journey was marred by the pursuit of treasures, so can a sole focus on profits fragment communities and ecosystems. My vision is to harness the power of photography, film, and storytelling as tools of unity, empathy, and positive change. The profits aren't goals in themselves; they're catalysts of impact, channeling support to communities, projects, and initiatives that breathe life into our shared world.
The story of the Serpent etches a profound message—when we prioritize social good, we transcend the limitations of transactional pursuits. Every project becomes a harmonious part of the global narrative, an instrument that echoes the symphony of connection, contribution, and reciprocity. It's not about accumulating; it's about giving, transforming, and cherishing the abundance that flourishes when we align our actions with the pulse of the land and the heartbeat of humanity.

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