A showcase of works.

A showcase of works. Where to start? How to select the ‘best’ of the work that I think you should see? Art is one of those subjective things, what’s one mans Pollack is another mans Kids work showcased on the fridge. So I guess what I am saying is this is my fridge.

What I should mention is the meaning, as this is just images without context, for the most part. That is elsewhere on this digital campfire, so as you look at these images sit with them for a moment, and see what speaks to you through the smoke. All these images are linked with story, rooted in a place, anchoring in relationships with the human, and nonhuman entities that share their stories. It captures of moments of time, not as static or moving images, but as living stories that transcend the confines of the present, and exist beyond it. When we frame a scene through the lens, we are not merely preserving a fleeting instant, captured in a static loop; we are freezing a chapter in the epic narrative of the land and its spirits, a fragment of the whole that can expanded; that being said, its more than a photo.
These stories are then in turn fragments of a much larger story — a story that has been unfolding since time immemorial, a creation event that was not a long long time ago, but is happening in every second, in the past present and future. The spirits of the land, our ancestors, and the living creatures all play their parts. With every photograph, we not only bring a piece of that story back with us, but we also carry a profound connection, a bridge between our worlds.

My mentor said photographs are a way to share the stories whispered by ancestors, who share their wisdom and stories with us, speak through the medium to connect with our spirits, if of course we choose to listen. Through these images, like ancient rock art, like sand talk, we can take these visual metaphors, speaking a universal language of humanity that we can all translate, its encoded in us, some of us have just forgotten how to ride that bike. But we can.

So take some time, sit by this campfire for a moment. See some images, listen to the sounds, and when you leave this space, carry these images with us, they become a living testament to the deep-seated relationship between us and the land. These photos share not only knowledge, but share what can be known, wisdom and story embedded in each frame speak of life, love, survival, and the wisdom of the land, always guiding us in the most silent but profound ways, whispers our spirit can hear, and their tales that transcend generations, and can lead each of us back.

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