(Re)Becoming Custodians

"Documentary photographer, filmmaker, social entrepreneur, and adventurer from Australia's Wonnorua country, Andrew’s work in preservation and conservation, documenting peoples, cultures, and country has taken him across 127 countries and 7 continents. His mission, as bestowed on him by his late mentor and elder Dig, is to do his part in helping shift the trajectory of the future of this planet by placing the ways of indigenous knowledge systems from all over the globe at the forefront to solve the issues we face today. To share story, to share lore, to retrieve forward ancient wisdom and knowledge systems from all across the globe, sharing them with a modern audience through visual media, immersive experiences, and breathtaking imagery to bring people back under the law of the land, to retake our position as custodial species of the planet."

I know, that's quite the introduction. I promise you, I'm not half as serious as that bio makes me out to be. In truth, I am just a cheeky boy from Australia who has been blessed to see the absolute best of humanity, and the absolute worst through my years when I left my home to find that something greater. Little did I know that something greater was in my native homeland. But without all that, I wouldn't have got here today. Funny how spirit works that way, doesn't it? I wouldn't have found my way out of the USA working commercial jobs, a slave to the system, a self-interested fool with a massive ego if I never went to Alaska and sat with the native crew and reshaped the way I saw the world (it didn't help I got deported start after this, ay? Talk about spirit jumping in to set your life straight.) Back home it changed the focus, from me to others, and I started to reframe everything I did for the good of others. the next big thing to get me to where we are now, is COVID-19, when I was stuck in India at the height of the pandemic, coming home to Australia to be randomly (or not so randomly) connected with my mentor, Dig. That is when everything changed. When certain things were asked of me, and when the old people ask you to do something, you do it. And so, here we are.

That has since shaped every choice, every project, everything I do. If you want to know more about that, I have been writing and sharing that story (see Sandtalk), I've been having the conversations ( see yarns ), doing the work )(see Projects), and creating the art (showcase ) with the one goal - to do my part in bringing people back into our role as custodians. You are here, reading this, means you are with me on this journey. I thank you for being a part of this. This is the first step to massive change. And I cannot wait to see where it takes us both.

?? ?? ??? lol shooting on film, in the dunes, what did you think would happen?? #toomuchsand #shoot #bts #coast

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