(Re)Becoming Custodians

"Documentary photographer, filmmaker, social entrepreneur and adventurer, Andrew’s work in preservation and conservation, documenting peoples, cultures, and country have taken him across 127 countries and 7 continents over the last decade.

Through his work with his nonprofit organisation Ngarra (empowering the youth in remote communities by using photography to share their story and create lasting meaningful change by providing a digital and physical platform for personal and cultural expression, a place to not only tell their story in their way but to provide a curated exhibition space of their work with 100% of the sales of the images given back to the community), his production company Earth Legacy (a social enterprise focused on telling emotive stories in some of the most remote and inspiring locations, specialising in using photography, film, 360º immersive content and custom web development to express the human and animal experience, cultures of all peoples and creatures, epic adventures of inspiring individuals, native stories and lore of First Nations people across the globe, and the most pressing issues facing our planet - giving profits back to the peoples and lands on which they were created), his other initiatives like DURA, the VA  Network, everything is in alignment with the one mission and task that was asked of him - to help shift the trajectory of the future of this planet, by placing the ways of complex indigenous knowledge systems from all over the globe at the forefront to solve the issues we face today. To share story, to share lore, to retrieve forward ancient wisdom and knowledge systems from all across the globe, sharing them to a modern audience through visual media, immersive experiences and breathtaking imagery with the goal of bringing people back under the law of the land, to retake our position as custodial species of the planet.

My Apporach - to the work, and to life.

The bio, as written above, is full of the official stuff, but what I do is bring campfire voice to all aspects, to invite people to come sit around the campfire, share yarns, and get those stories sitting together, to inspire social change, and bring people back under the lore of the land.

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Coming Soon.

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