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Together we can accomplish great things, and create great change.

Whatever your project, I would love to have a yarn with you about how I may be able to help.

Whether its a nonprofit project, a collaboration, stills, motion, me, and my team, are here to help you capture your vision, and share your story with the world.

When you work with me and my team we operate under what we are calling a TRI-Model, or the III's.
3 symbology of 3 that ripples throughout all aspects of life.
Creation Time. Ancestor Time. Contemporary Time. Constantly circling back of these things.

The pattern repeats itself in the micro as well as the macro. 

3 generation, 3 life stages, 3 parts of a day, a task, a moment.

How that manifests in the work is a 33% model:

33.3% profits invested in local community, from job expenses, hiring local talents, and going directly to local grass roots organizations.

33.3% profits goes to local and national projects in the location of your work in collaboration with the VA Network.

33.3% profits going to the NGARRA Foundation to help with the ongoing support of the initiative in empowering some of the worlds most remote communities.

With that being said, let's put our heads together and make good story.

Let's Collaborate, Share Good Story, & Help Change the World - One Yarn At A Time


Let's have a yarn about what we can do together to take your project and work to the next level - to see how I can bring a unique vision of myself, and my team, to yours, and the change that can be inspired, and the impact that your work can have on a global scale.


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