Let's Work Together


Helping one for the benefit of all.

In the heart of Ecuador, a timeless tradition called "Minga" thrives as a powerful testament to the strength of community collaboration. When community comes together for the benefit of one, and in term, benefiting everyone. Minga represents a concept deeply ingrained in the indigenous cultures of the Andean region, emphasizing the power of collective work and shared responsibility to accomplish common goals. At its core, Minga is much more than a mere labor exchange; it is a philosophy of interconnectedness, cooperation, and mutual support.
So, shall we Minga? Let’s work together.
Whatever the canvas of your project, allow our threads of creativity to weave seamlessly into your vision. A simple yarn is all it takes to set the wheels of collaboration in motion. Be it a nonprofit endeavor, a synergy of stills and motion, or any innovative tapestry in between, my team and I stand ready to turn your aspirations into captivating tales.
When you choose to work with us, minga is at the heart of it - we work to help you, and in term, help the entire community. That is why we created the III model; three equal strands that intertwine to create a richer narrative, and create lasting social change with the communities and native lands we work with.

Here's how this approach works:

33.3%: Profits nurtured in the soil of your community. Job expenses, local talent, and grassroots organizations—the very fabric of your project supports and uplifts the places it touches.

33.3%: Profits cast as seeds into local and national initiatives, amplifying the impact of your work through the embrace of the VA Network's collaborative spirit.

33.3%: Profits ripple towards the NGARRA Foundation, a beacon of empowerment in some of the remotest corners of the world.

With our spirits, hearts, and heads aligned, let's harness the power of collaboration and spin stories that resonate beyond the bounds of time. Your vision is a symphony, and together, we compose the notes that echo through generations. Let's thread the past, present, and future into a seamless narrative—one that embodies the very essence of our shared human journey. Let's craft tales that stand as a testament to our interconnectedness, a reminder that every endeavor weaves a legacy that endures. Reach out, share your idea, and let's start working together to make the impact you've been dreaming of.

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