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It is the stories of song, the language of country, that carries our breath to the ancestors, & aligns us in connection with creation.
Ceremony is central to ways of knowing, the spirit of knowledge speaks through the sounds, through the movement, through the stillness, through the people, & through the place; permeating through the universe.

Sharing story have always been ceremony. In one way or another. From sitting around the fire, to dancing and singing, it’s always been a complete immersive experience. We lost that along the way, to sitting in the stalls watching a select few unique elevated individuals performing at us. Seperated from it.
360º and VR is not just about looking into a narrative; it's about stepping into the very heart of it, becoming a part of the living story. Like the ancient ceremonies that immerse us in the world of spirits, nature, and ancestor, the 360 camera invites us to be present, not as observers but as participants. This immersive storytelling takes us beyond the frame and into the pulse of the narrative. Stories here are not limited by the edges of a screen, we find ourselves braided into the very fabric of the story. We're not told where to look; we can explore, engage, and create our own path, finding meaning in the relationships we forge with people and places.
At its core, this technology enables a deep immersion that mirrors the intimacy found in sacred ceremonies. It's akin to sitting in a circle, in profound relation with the land and its stories, as they unfold in real time. It brings us closer to the heart of the narrative and encourages us to form meaningful connections with the characters and places we encounter.

The power of this technology lies in the ability to transport us into the heart of another's perspective, as if we were sitting in a sacred ceremony, in deep relation with the land and its stories. It's a new way of being, a path towards a future where narratives are not just viewed but experienced, where narrative wasn't confined to a linear tale but was a living experience, a way to connect with the spirits, the land, and the stories of our ancestors.

But this is early days of the experiment and bringing this into the wider entertainment community, I wonder if this is because 'they' do not want free thinking, explorative, inquisitive and connected people, but rather those who see and know exactly what they tell them...?
That's the power I see this can have. The positive impact of this innovation can be profound if we stay away from the loreless Zuckburg Metaverse. It can carry urban-bound children to the heart of the country, enveloping them in immersive imagery and spatial sound design and get tha tocnneciton back. We can bridge generations, enabling stories to be shared around campfires just as ancestral knowledge was transmitted, unveiled under the open sky as it was always meant to be, stories mapped on the landscape and in the stars above. Teaching and learning language, saving lanague as you sit with your elders and learn, as you hear the sounds of the place is distance, not from a book in a sterile enviroment, but in place, in relation. This way of creating, and consuming content embraces a natural connection with the environment, a far cry from the disconnect of traditional classrooms, guiding people towards deeper connections with both land and culture.

Calle Santander, Panajachel.

The colours, sounds, and life of the marketplace in Calle Santander, Panajachel.

Native Land

Lore of Lago Atitlán

Take a boat ride with locals as they explain the local history, stories and myths of Lake Atitlán, the culture and people that call this place home, and the dangers it faces.

Native Land
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