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Within the immersive realm of Earth Legacy Collective collaboration, a new frontier has emerged—360 immersive video and photography. This integration has unfurled a canvas where storytelling transcends boundaries, inviting viewers to become participants in narratives that extend far beyond the screen.

In my creative journey, I've found solace in the art of capturing tales through still imagery and film, but there's a magical depth to the 360 VR experiences we're crafting. It's a union of technology and tradition, an avenue to immerse the audience within the fabric of a story. It beckons viewers to sit alongside communities, to share moments, to traverse landscapes, and to journey through the stories and lore woven into the land.

The positive impact of this innovation is profound. It carries urban-bound children to the heart of the country, enveloping them in immersive imagery and spatial sound design. It bridges generations, enabling stories to be shared around campfires just as ancestral knowledge was transmitted—unveiled under the open sky. This venture embraces a natural connection with the environment, a far cry from the disconnect of traditional classrooms.

Our exploration into this new horizon is as expansive as the technology itself. We are on the cusp of unfolding the myriad positive effects that can be nurtured through these immersive experiences, guiding viewers towards deeper connections with both land and culture.

Delve into some of my cherished 360 works below. And remember, this realm is alive with continuous creation. Watch this space for updates as I craft more immersive tales, or explore the Collections where the rolls of film and diverse community work await, bringing stories to life from corners of the world far and wide.

Calle Santander, Panajachel.

The colours, sounds, and life of the marketplace in Calle Santander, Panajachel.

Native Land

Lore of Lago Atitlán

Take a boat ride with locals as they explain the local history, stories and myths of Lake Atitlán, the culture and people that call this place home, and the dangers it faces.

Native Land
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