Timeless frames on 35mm 

Within the confines of 35mm SLR film cameras, an unparalleled enchantment resides. There's an intangible magic, a touch of eternity that transcends the temporal ebbs and flows. This medium holds a captivating power, capturing not just moments but entire epochs—embracing time, place, and space like no other.

My journey with 35mm film goes beyond merely capturing images; it's about freezing and preserving the unique essence of each fleeting moment. These frames encapsulate an experience that's irreplaceable, an imprint of time that can never be duplicated—a testament to the uniqueness of every instant.

In the selection below, I've curated some of my personal favorites. However, a treasure trove of negatives is awaiting its turn to be unveiled through the scanning process. So, keep this space under your watchful gaze or explore the Collections, where rolls of film will soon accompany a diverse tapestry of images and works from communities spanning the globe.

As you traverse this collection, also venture into the "Timeless Lands" project—an endeavor that meticulously documents native lands through the lens of film. This project isn't just about capturing the land; it's about capturing the heartbeat of a culture, a journey through time and space that's intricately intertwined with the very essence of these lands.

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