Timeless Imagery of a timeless land.

Of all things I've seen, all I have experienced, all I have been a part of; there have been key moments that have redefined my life, and my role in this world. Dancing and singing, chanting and yelling into the night, yarning by a campfire, sitting in silence around the hearth.
Immersed in the moment, as stars shine overhead and shoot through the night sky, watching howling winds blow storm clouds and lightning across bright moons illuminating glimpses of hills that roll off into the horizon.

Let’s continue a time-honored tradition, listening to the land's tales and learning the profound lessons embedded within. Photography, in this context, is an act of deep respect, an acknowledgement of the spirits, ancestors, and descendants, for its more than capturing the world’s surface in an extractive relation, but an immobilization of a moment where the land whispers its wisdom, and the sky sings its songs, and the entities of the landscape dance their stories of creation.
The importance of photography in this context lies in its ability to carry the stories of the land, and with them, the wisdom of generations. It's not just about pictures; it's about the voices that echo through these images, guiding us on a journey through time, reminding us of our place in the world, and the sacred duty we have to protect and preserve this Earth for future generations.
Your mind does not exist within your body, but all your knowledge is held in your relationships with all things, so humour me, and let your mind expand out for a moment. These photographs aren't mere pixels on a screen, the symbols you see are not vectorized images, but writing in the sands, for they they are portals to the heart of the land, to the great mother we all come from, so we all know it.