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Ngarra is a nonprofit project that empowers the youth in some of the world’s most remote communities 

by using photography to share their story and create lasting, meaningful change in their lives. 

A Dharug word from the east coast of New South Wales, Ngarra means Together As One.

It is more than word. It is an idea. An ideology. A philosophy. A way of life. A way of change. 

Our project reflects this.

How it works – is simple. Its effects – wide reaching and exponential.

We enter a community, provide cameras, education, and work with them to tell their story 

through the lens of a camera. 

Ngarra projects do so much more than share a photograph. 

It aims to empower indigenous and marginalised communities, build cultural respect, understanding 

and reconciliation through art, storytelling, and connection. 

Their photographs, their stories, are then featured in exhibitions in galleries in cities all over the globe, 

with 100% of the profits going directly back to the community.


Their work starts a larger conversation with people across the world;

opening the minds and hearts in ways that overcome  all boundaries of country, language, or belief systems. 

Indigenous knowledge is more than the knowledge itself, it is about the way of knowing, the way of coming to know.

It is ngarra, together as one, that we can work collaborate to share story, to share lore, to retrieve forward ancient wisdom 

and knowledge systems from all across the globe, sharing them to a modern audience through photography with the goal 

of bringing people back under the law of the land and retake our position as custodial species of the planet. 

Together, as one, we can make a difference.