Purchase With Purpose


Shop2Give: Where Art Fuels Change


Welcome to Shop2Give, a realm where art becomes a catalyst for meaningful transformation. Here, your passion for aesthetics merges seamlessly with your desire to make a difference. Each purchase is not just a transaction; it's an act of empowerment that echoes through communities, cultures, and landscapes.

Our Purchase with Purpose program, rooted in the heart of the 333 model, is a symphony of collaboration. It's a cycle where your appreciation for fine art prints and unique creations translates into tangible impact. Allow me to break down the rhythm:

33.3% to Local Community: Your support reverberates beyond the art itself. A portion of your investment goes back to the local community, fostering economic growth and empowerment. It's a ripple effect where your choice to adorn your space triggers positive change in the spaces where artistry thrives.

33.3% to Projects: The canvas of change extends beyond localities. A significant share of your purchase supports local and national projects, amplifying the potential for progress. Your investment becomes a brushstroke in a larger masterpiece of collaboration, resonating through initiatives that shape our shared world.

33.3% to NGARRA Foundation: The spirit of giving intertwines with every brushstroke and every creation. A segment of your contribution finds its way to the NGARRA Foundation—a beacon of empowerment in some of the world's remotest corners. Your purchase becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating pathways to a better future.

Through Shop2Give, every piece of art you acquire resonates with purpose. It's an invitation to align your aesthetic preferences with your aspirations for change. Explore the gallery of fine art prints, immerse yourself in unique creations, and make a choice that not only enriches your surroundings but also fuels a journey of transformation.

In the symphony of Shop2Give, art is not merely decorative—it's a force that amplifies the voices of cultures, nurtures communities, and embraces the power of shared vision. As you explore this gallery, remember that each choice holds the potential to shape the world, one brushstroke at a time.

The Impact, So Far.

Since the inception of our Purchase with Purpose program, the impact has been both tangible and profound. With every sale of fine art prints and unique creations, a symphony of positive change has resonated through communities, projects, and initiatives.

Through the 333 model, where giving back is intricately woven into each purchase, our collective efforts have created ripples of transformation. By allocating 33.3% of profits to the local community, we've nurtured economic growth and empowerment where artistry thrives. This approach has sparked a cycle of support, where your choice to adorn your space has translated into livelihoods and opportunities for those who create the art.

Another 33.3% directed towards local and national projects has fueled progress on multiple fronts. Together, we've contributed to endeavors that transcend borders, from environmental conservation to educational initiatives. These projects stand as testaments to our commitment to making a difference that resonates far beyond the canvas.

The remaining 33.3% finds its purpose in the NGARRA Foundation, a beacon of hope in remote communities. This allocation has empowered some of the world's most underserved areas, fostering resilience, growth, and change. Through this channel, art becomes not just a visual delight but a vehicle for empowerment and transformation.

As we continue to weave this tapestry of impact, we're humbled by the journeys we've been a part of and the stories we've helped shape. Each purchase has illuminated lives, propelled progress, and aligned us with the essence of giving back that flows through the heart of humanity.

The impact of our Purchase with Purpose program is a testament to the power of collaboration, the potential of art, and the resonance of shared vision. With every brushstroke, we're not just creating beauty—we're crafting a legacy of change that transcends time and reverberates through generations. Together, we're nurturing a world where art truly fuels transformation.