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Leaden Hearts


Leaden Hearts Distillery is an independent family owned & operated micro-distillery in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Australia.
Made with local botanicals of the Hunter region, using family recipes that date back to prohibition, each batch of Whiskey & Gin are as unique and individual as the stories of the ancestors that inspired it; making Leaden Hearts Spirits truely one of a kind.
It’s said that Leaden Hearts Whisky & Gin are made on the road, for the road.
To be out in the wild;
huddled around campfires deep in the forest,
on the edge of mountains or along vast rugged coastlines,
enjoyed in the moonlight with friends by your side,
your family at your back & a lover in your arms.

Every time you open a bottle of Leaden Hearts remember the stories of the brave men & women who inspired them. Share a drink. Be inspired. Live a story worth telling. Forge your legacy.
& always leave with a Leaden Heart.