words written in the sand


Stories written in the sands.

Like symbols drawn in the sand or etched into stone, Sand Talk is a means of transmitting knowledge through metaphor and encoded story. It is a powerful modality through which we explore the tapestry of existence, uncovering the intricate relationships between humanity, the land, and the spirit world.
Sandtalk, whether by a fire, in a cave, in the dirt, dust, sand and snow, a sacred space where the ancient and contemporary converge in a dance of words, symbols, and narratives. In the tradition of the First Nations cultures across the globe, Sandtalk is a visual and linguistic form of storytelling, a method of encoding knowledge and wisdom, and a conduit through which the wisdom of the land speaks.
Sand Talk is not just a tool for communicating; it is a way of being, a way of relating, and a way of seeing the world. As you explore the tales etched in these digital sands, may you find yourself immersed in the rich tapestry of knowledge, relationships, and the ageless conversation between past, present, and future.
That’s why I decided it was a fitting title of a page that contained anything that I put to paper - my written words, articles, and social media posts – a digital version of an age-old practice by the campfire we have here.
It's a place where storytelling is elevated to an art form, where words become vessels of meaning, and where symbols paint a canvas of understanding.

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